Edwin Olu Bestman poem

Stuck between drowning 
and surviving, 
For if only my ex knew how to 
examine a man’s heart, 
Life couldn’t have set my humble mind 
Through the ups and downs, 
Burning silently within myself, 
Her words did injure my happiness. 
Such is love – it sometimes bewitches my mouth to speak of you. 
But I am deeply afraid of losing pieces 
of my dead body 
On the rocky shoulders of this life, 
She came and painted my heart with beautiful red roses, 
Not knowing her love has prepared a 
candle above my head blinding my vision.
Lost and perfectly scattered, 
Frustrated, homeless and embarrassed, 
I am walking through those lonely paths 
of death.

Why I refuse to love again?

She swallowed my words
Tasted my thought 
Then, looked at my face  
And called me a bitch

Her love was poisonous
She kissed me on the lips
But refused to hold my ribs 
She came, saw and conquered

I fell beautifully in her arms
Stuck between her heart
I got lost into into her world 
For if love was a person, 
then it isn’t her.

How foolish I was
To love when love never 
came visiting 
How foolish was I
To think that strawberry has
the same flavor as gooseberry

Edwin Olu Bestman alias Magical Poet is a young writer of eminent pedigree from Liberia. He is a multi-awards winning poet, philanthropist and a civil engineer. Edwin holds an associate degree in civil engineering from the Stella Maris Polytechnic, and currently a Bsc candidate at the institution. 
Moreover, he is a member of several national and international platforms. Some of which include: The International African Writers Association(IAWA), Poetry City(PC), We Write Liberia ( WWL), Liberian Poet Society(LPS), Motivational Strips (MS), World Literature Academy(WLA), Poetry Abilities(PA), Home Of African Poetry And Splendid Stories(HAPSS), Global Literary Society(GLS), PoeMarium, Inspire and get Inspired, Poetas Unidos(PU), Best Poet and Poetess Group( BPPG), Literary Greetings In The Soul(LGS), and many other literary institutions. 
He has won several poetry competitions, and awards. 
* Motivational strips
– Certificate of membership 
– Silver certificate for literary excellence
– Certificate of foundation for literary excellence 
– World Poetic Star Honour 
* Best Poet And Poetess Group
– Gold certificate 
– Platinum certificate 
* Liberia Research Development Network 
– Academic excellence awards for qualitative writing 
* PoeMarium 
– 2× blue quill certificates
* Literary Greetings In The Soul
– 11 certificates of literary excellence 
* Poetas Unidos
– 33 certificates of literary excellence 
* Home Of African Poetry And Splendid Stories 
– Certificate of Adulation
– Best Poet of the Week (3x) 
* Inspire and get Inspired
– Certificate of Adulation 
– Certificate of Gold 
* Literature Lover’s Association 
– Certificate of bronze
Edwin works have been featured in international magazines, Anthologies and other written papers. Some of them include: The Writer’s Space African Magazine( Feb 1, 2019 edition), Motivational strips Anthology, Poetry City Anthology( Circle of wisdom), Sipay Magazine ( Seychelles, June 21 edition).
Finally, He’s working on his first poetry collection to be released anytime soon. Let us support this young talent. The book is titled “Bright Horizons”. 
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