MAHARADJA KUTAI MULAWARMAN Prof. Dr. Hc. M.S.P.A Iansyahrechza FW.Ph.D nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

At the meeting of the Steering Committee of the Institute for European Studies of Roma and Research on Crimes against Humanity and International Law in Zemun, Serbia, held on May 10, 2020, the proposal of the Scientific Council of the Institute to nominate His Majesty Maharaja for the Nobel Peace Prize in front of our Institute was unanimously adopted. Kutai Mulawarman Prof. Dr. Hc. M.S.P.A Iansyahrechza FW. Ph.D.


In the explanation of the Proposal of the Scientific Council of the Institute, it was pointed out that His Highness Maharadja Kutai Mulawarman Prof. Dr. Hc. M.S.P.A Iansyahrechza. FW. Ph.D. has been present for many years at various levels of diplomatic and activism and activism, from the UN, through scientific conferences to support the NGO sector around the world on the platform of promoting and preserving peace and non-violent resolution of all contentious issues in interstate and interfaith and interfaith human relations, the spread of tolerance, equality and equity.
His contribution to peace, tolerance and coexistence among all citizens of the world regardless of religious, racial and national affiliation is recognizable and immeasurable all the more because he comes from an aristocrat with great authority and influence around the world.
Representatives of the Institute will forward their proposal to the Nobel Institute in Stockholm in the regular procedure.
Academician Prof. Dr. Bajram Haliti,
President of the Institute for European Roma Studies and Investigation of crimes against humanity and International law
Belgrade (Serbia)
May 15th, 2020.

Sach ki Dastak

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HRH Prince datoseri Dr Bahman Mehrpour
2 years ago

Hrh PRINCE BRIGADIER GENERAL DATO SERI DR BAHMAN Mehrpour CANDIDATED from 15 countries for 2020 French peace 🏅 medal .

Alicia Ann Montes
2 years ago

The King MAHARADJA KUTAI MULAWARMAN is a rare human who inspires great famous leaders and still makes time to speak to
any world ctizen with whom his path crosses. He exemplifies diplomacy, grace, and collaboration for peace and sustainability.

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