Majesty Kutai Moolavarman: We want to lift the indigenous and cultural heritage. We pray for peace and security of the world.

Honrable Excellency Highness

Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman ji. 

The world International President of Insituto Educando Pra A Paz. 

Note – Kutai Martadipura kingdom is the pioneer of Hindu kingdom in Indonesia. It was established around the 4th century. The kingom is located in Muara kaman, East Borneo and near with Mahakam river. Kutai name was given by the experts based on the name of a place where they found the inscription which contain an information about the kingdom. There is no inscription that mention the real name of the kingdom and there is only a few of information that the experts can found on the inscription.

Majesty Kutai Moolavarman: We want to lift the indigenous and cultural heritage. We pray for peace and security of the world.


Muara Kaman District, Kutai Kartanegara District (Kukar), East Kalimantan suddenly went viral.

This was after Raja Iansyahrechza or what was called Raja Labok who led the Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom in that location.

The district is 56.6 kilometers away from Tenggarong, the capital of Kukar,

The East Kalimantan historian, Muhammad Sarip, said that in the third century AD there was indeed a kingdom named Kutai Martapura in Muara Kaman.

This kingdom is called the first empire in the archipelago.

According to the Yupa inscription, said Sarip, its founder was named Aswawarman Putra Kundungga.

The famous king is the successor to the throne of Aswawarman, Maharaja Mulawarman.

The source of the inscribed stone found and researched by literacy experts was only seven.

There is no record of the king’s lineage after Mulawarman from the 5th century to hundreds of years later.

“But, information on the name of the last king can be known from the classic book of Arabic Malay, the Letter of the King’s Salasilah in the State of Kutai Kertanegara, which was completed in 1849,” Sarip said when met in Samarinda on Thursday (6/2/2020).

Raja Kutai Mulawarman in Muara Kaman, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Iansyahrechza or called Labok King, did not agree if the association he led was equated with fictitious kingdoms such as the Sunda Empire or the King of the King and others.

The institution, Labok said, never collected any fees from members or harmed others, let alone intend to govern or rule.

The association is purely promoting the customs and culture that exist in these locations.

“We stand alone. We want to raise the traditional and cultural heritage in Muara Kaman,” explained Labok, Wednesday (05/02/2020).

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Maharaja Kutai Mulavarman’s message to the world – I pray to the Almighty that the world be liberated from the Corona epidemic very soon. Take care of yourself and your family. There should be an increase in love, peace, progress and prosperity all over the world.

Blogger Akanksha SAXENA, News Editor sach ki dastak magazine. 

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