Moyurpongkhi Foundations’s initiative to distribute Eid gifts among the disadvantaged

On the initiative of Moyurpongkhi Shishu Kishhor Somajkallan Sangstha (Govt. Reg. No. Dho-09587), Eid food items were distributed among the disadvantaged children and women in front of Moyurpongkhi office this morning.

Moyurpongkhi’s Founder Chairman Ruhit Sumon and vice-chairman Shathi Khan provided food at a safe distance.

Ruhit Sumon said, “I am feeling some satisfaction in being able to give gifts to the disadvantaged children and women with the holy Eid in front of us.” We are grateful to all those who have contributed to our program.

I hope that the cooperation of all will continue regularly and the small efforts of all will remove the darkness, victory will be for humanity.



Ruhit Sumon is conducting various activities in the epidemic corona situation through his established organization “Moyurpongkhi”. During the Corona Outbreak, Corona Prevention and Remedial Training and Workshops, Volunteer Coordination, Masks, Sanitizers, Soaps, Awareness Leaflets, Food and Iftar to the Disadvantaged Children, Women, Helpless and Rickshaw pullers .

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