Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, dear friends! As President of the Institute for European Studies and Research on Crimes against Humanity and International Law and as a part of critical group, because I am a diabetic and a heart patient, I write to you and hopefully not for the last time my critical review and appeal regarding the Corona pandemic.

The pandemic has shut down the homes of 2.4 billion people and everyone is wondering the same question – when will this end?

We are isolated in our homes, watching many shameful acts and their invisible killer on our TV every night mercilessly taking the lives of innocent people without choosing religion, race and nation. Just like in World War II, crematorium furnaces are lit and full steam, no more Cyclone B gas, which neutralized 2000 people a day, but now their killer KORONA virus boasts of carrying 10,000 lives in a day. No final goodbyes, no requiem for the dead.

We wonder why God closes his eyes? Is there really a God? If it does exist, why doesn’t he punish those criminals and deranged people, monsters and psychopaths who have broken the Hippocratic Oath and created a bioterrorist whom they launched to destroy the human race in a cynical and inexplicable way.

The ultimate epilogue of their bioterrorist project is the killing of 33 million people.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, dear academics, professors, lawyers, economists, theologians, writers, epidemiologists and humanists, I urge all of you to stand up and fight all the mental and psychopathological intellectuals who have set out to use their bioterrorist ,the corona virus, to kill 33 million people worldwide.

The Corona virus pandemic, which has taken on planetary proportions in addition to health problems and mortality rates, has brought about other problems that are almost invincible for certain categories of population.
The Roma were returned 50 to 100 years back overnight. For example, revived discrimination to suspicion that they are directly responsible for the planetary spread of the virus.

These claims come from extreme right-wingers or a category of people who seek the blame for all the personal failures, frustrations and complexes in others around them and, paradoxically, those in a worse social or material situation than them.

And it doesn’t matter that the Roma have not been nomads for decades (most of them) and that day by day there is a growing tendency to live in an urban way of living. They are trying to look after people they live around them and are trying to establish their sedentary status and to leave their wanderings in past. And these accusations and claims come from the most developed countries of Europe.

In addition, the majority of Roma living in non-urbanized and unhygienic settlements are affected by the lack of preconditions for the implementation of all recommended measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Nevertheless, they apply almost every recommendation, somewhat adapted to their situation, but they are very disciplined, much more than some who are not Roma.

Of course, for us, the primary care is Roma people in this global catastrophe. But what surprises us is the silence of the world intellectual elite in the face of a clearly stated question, which is: How did all this come about?

Is it an evolutionary natural process caused by the unnatural influence of man on the planetary order, or is it Bioterrorism, a global experiment in the manner of Joseph Mengele that laid the foundations of genetics with his live experiments on the Roma?

In the absence of exact postulates on the basis of which some of the above hypotheses could be made, the scientific public is polarizing toward individual views based more on instincts than on unambiguous elements.

There are too many open questions to determine the initial hypothesis, though, in the time ahead, such a scenario that we are just living will need to be addressed in detail and realistic assumptions will have to be made in the future of epidemiology.

Is this an evolutionary natural mutation process for the flu virus and if so, what causes it, does it have a periodicity, to what extent is the human immune system capable of adapting, to self-defend …? In the decades that followed, we had epidemics of Ebola, Variola Vera, swine and bird flu, mad cows, mouse, pig fever, and many others, which still remained on a smaller scale, that is, it did not grow into a Pandemic.

Or has World Health Organization statistics failed to prevent global panic? Why all of this new diseases have been popping up in the last 30-40 years? Is evolutionary struggle for organic dominance on planet Earth or the monstrous experimentation of individuals among the human species at work?

Proponents of conspiracy theories, “parallel” policies, “deep” states, and the like, are inclined to believe that Bioterrorism is concerned, and therefore that everything that has happened to us and what is happening to Pandemic is part of a global experiment before activating the long-established the plan of underground organizations to reduce the population of the earth to a more rational number for the self-sustainable exploitation of the natural resources of food and clean water. At least by the time we reach such a technological level that we can create colonies across space.

Who gave it themselves right to play God? Who thinks it has the right to decide the life and death of 90% of the population, entire peoples, races …. According to this, the Nazi-fascist ideology that we thought we destroyed in the last century begins to resemble only the handbook, or the introduction to what is happening to us now.

If Virology and Genetic Engineering is allowed to be put into the function of Bioterrorism, the atomic arms competition will be like a children’s game. When you added to all this the way men is not paying attention to the environment, playing with the climate , ignoring climate changes. It is clear that man is playing with his own biological survival. And any idea that the “privileged” will survive is nonsense without any basis.

Throughout their history, the Roma have learned that they are the first on the line. Due to their national dispersion, they are not able to face such challenges in an organized manner.

In the struggle for their survival, they expect help and support from the majority population, with whom they share living space.

We, as a Roma intellectual circle, appeal to the world’s scientific, independent circles, to all people aware of what we are facing, and that this Pandemic is the last calling for the unraveling and destruction of all underground structures of political and financial power that base their future on destruction 90 % of the population, to join forces and free humanity from such ideologies and the individuals and groups that represent them.

Because we all come into this world the same and we are the same when we leave it. There are no better or worse nations, races or religions.

There are only good and bad people. Just as there are useful and deadly viruses.
The question is who will win in the end?
We want him to win health, love and peace, to be free and peaceful again as we once were. We now need solidarity and responsibility more than ever.

The corona is a serious problem, a project that is controlled. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a conspiracy.
I expect that the situation will calm down in May, life will stabilize in June and the virus would return in November.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

In Belgrade
28th of March.2020

✍️H.R.H. Prince Acad. Amb. Prof. Dr. Bajram Haliti

Sach ki Dastak

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2 years ago

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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