VVIP Interview Majesty King kutai Mulawarman by Blogger Akanksha SAXENA

इंडोनेशिया के एक भारतवंशी हिंदू राजा का शताब्दियों बाद भारत में पहला इंटरव्यू जिसे शब्दों में पिरोने का सौभाग्य सिर्फ़ मुझे मिला है जिसे आप सब भी जरूर पढ़ें – सच की दस्तक 

Raja Mulawarman’s inheritance was born to bring glory-

                     Majesty king

        Maharaja Srinala Praditha                        Alpiansyahrechza Fachlevie 



1- Tell me about your full name and place of birth? 

Full Name Maharaja Srinala Praditha Alpiansyahrechza Fachlevie Wangsawarman was born in Muara Kaman on July 14, 1974

2-Your Education? 

H.R.M. Prof.  Dr.  Hc .M.S.P.A  Iansyahrechza. FW Ph.D.

 3- It is said in history that your roots are Indian, so why did your ancestors leave India? 

In the Late and Early centuries a colony from India occurred, they were merchants and brought the Vedic message to the land of the archipelago and finally married to natives and built the government structure of a country and in Indonesian history the First Hindu Kingdom was the Kutai who reached the height of glory in the power of the Sri Maharaja Mulawarman Naladewa and in the inscribed stone evidence (Inscription) stated that this King was the grandson of Maharaja Sri Kundungga, a wealthy merchant and his brother was the King in Cambodia they were Cam people in the Kingdom of Li Yi and had marital relations with Princess Raja Salakanegara in Perak Sunda Purwa.

 4- Tell me something about your ancestors and something special about them that you always remember? 

Our ancestors from the Baharatha State They were the War Heroes of the Senopati Wasumamitra, the founder of the City of Wisida, replacing the City of Petaliputra and they founded the Sungga Empire in Magadha, South India.

5- Have you ever missed India? 

We are taught to remember the Sunggai Ganges, the Pataliputra River as an equation from the Maha Kama River in Kutai which had an abundance of gold wealth that was incomparable at that time. And our longing for India is the Mahaberata story is the biggest world war involving 1/4 world takala the arrival of Lord Krishna in krisnayana story and leaving historical objects like Uncal is the king’s great locket with the picture of Rama Archery Deer and Sinta Goddess in the forest, this locket there are two belonging to the son of King Dewa Rama, one in Sri Lanka, the Indian Territory. Other gold-made objects are the Shiva statue in the form of a large liontoin and the statue of the incarnate Kura statue of Lord Vishnu. India even though I am a descendant of the 49th generation and 51st King.

 6- Do you have a dream in your life? 

The King’s dream to teach people to live darma to the Lord of the Universe and to bestow gifts on humans throughout the world to be loving and to live with the people.

7-How tough is the life of a king? 

Our kingdom has experienced a difficult period of 350 years in the European colony and experienced a loss of power until Indonesia became a Nation and the Kingdom was allowed to govern with customary law and not separate from Indonesia only to take care of the Nation and the Government to take care of the country, I am the first King to live in Indonesia’s independence and ask for return history and build culture and unmask dark history since 2001 until now the struggle has not been completed very many obstacles, because to organize an empire takes a long time.

 8- Message to the children of the world as a father? 

The King’s message is not a god who can punish and give away the wise king is a king who educates people towards a peaceful life.

9-Who’s the inspiration?

Raja Mulawarman is a Great King who since the 4th century until now his name is not easy to forget even a child from lace and high school learns the nature and soul that incised a golden command against history in Indonesia he is the king of conquerors of enemies on the battlefield giving many gifts and forgiving a lot the enemy to surrender to the king’s power.

 10-Become a Maharaja, what is your message to the kings of the world? 

The world is now experiencing the reign of the age of the Vedas, religion has not been exhausted. Do not dispute this era, returning to the Lord, the king will appear only one in the world.

 11- How do you define yourself in a line?

God decides all humans to follow God’s order and humans not to follow God’s order will be destroyed by God itself and I dare not put myself on any line because God will give to every servant chosen by God the task of the King only conveys the message of educating for peace thank you .

interview Blogger Akanksha SAXENA,News Editor Sach ki Dastak national magazine, Varanasi UP

नोट: कृपया मेरी मेहनत की नकल ना करें। खुद का स्तर ना गिरायें। अगर कोई भी इस इंटरव्यू की नकल करता है। तो वह कॉपीराइट के कानून उल्लंघन के तहत कानूनी कार्रवाई का जिम्मेदार स्वंय होगा। Anyone copy this interview.  Then he will be responsible for the legal action under the law of copyright infringement.

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Shiv Raj Pradhan
1 year ago

It is wonderful interview. You deserve all praise for such great deed. Congratulations.

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