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Culture is a word that means the “way of life” of people, and it means the way in which they do things.

Different groups of people may have different cultures. Culture is passed on to future generations through learning, while genes are passed on through inheritance. Culture appears in people’s writing, religion, music, clothing, cooking, and what they do.

The concept of culture is very complex, and the word has many meanings. The word “culture” is more commonly used in three meanings:

Distinguished flair in fine arts and humanities, also known as high culture.
An integrated pattern of human knowledge, beliefs and behavior.
The outlook, attitudes, values, goals, and practices shared by society.
Now, “culture” includes all human phenomena that are not merely outcomes of human genetics. Discipline called Peaceful coexistence is a part of society, so the members of society are one fabric within the community that brings together common relationships, the product of a long legacy of life, and the compassionate interdependence between the two parties.

Coexistence means that the man lives with the creation, so he will greet them and do justice to them for himself, so that God Almighty will meet them, and he has given them their rights, and he has accepted his religion among them.

Dr. Al-Turki says: “Muslims possess a huge asset in the field of culture, values ​​and human relations, and cooperation between nations and peoples, so Islam should have its share in building any new world order, and have a place in calling for peaceful coexistence among human beings,” says Dr. Muhammad Farouk Al-Nabhan: “We find features of globalization in Islamic values ​​that call for solidarity among people, cooperation for good, the abolition of all manifestations of racial discrimination, and resistance to every call to narrow regionalism, superior nationalism, or ignorant fanaticism”

(1).Islam has fully recognized the freedom of man to believe in God, and to appreciate the message he believes in, and on the other hand it has guaranteed him his freedom to deal with his peers, so it has ruled that every contract between two parties has been invalidated by coercion, one of them, or based on deception of one or both of them.

We also see that in the marriage contract, which is a purely personal contract. However, we see what Islam has reached in managing the personal freedom of a person, for he has the right to coexist with people with their morals, and embrace faith in God in his misdemeanor.

It was narrated from Wahb bin Munabbih that a man said to him: “I am interested in isolation. So what do you think? He said: Do not do you, you need people, and people need you, but be silent, listening, deaf, hearing, blind seeing, for people have a need for you, and you must have them.

And he narrated on the authority of Abd al-Rahman bin Abi Auf al-Jarashi, who said: God, the Blessed and Exalted be He, said: O David, why do I see you empty? He said: I deserted people in you, O Lord of the worlds.

He said: Shall I not guide you to what the faces of people seek, and in which you reach my satisfaction? He said yes, Lord, he said: Creator of people with their morals, and need faith, as between me and you, this is coexistence

(2).The Almighty said: “If you avoid the major deeds that you forbid, we will expiate your bad deeds.”

(3) If they were ordered to retire from people according to what he sees of them, this would be an act of contempt with the people and they were taken by the suffocate, this is a door that creation cannot tolerate, the ten is narrowed and rights are lost, and in it the intersection of relatives and the disparity Brotherhood and the corruption of neighbors, and the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, used to associate with his companions, the Bedouins, and the rest of the people from the delegations.

(4)This is a kind of tolerance and brotherhood in Islam. The righteous ancestors, may God be pleased with them, used to attend funerals, and there were statues and mourners, so they did not leave their funerals to their vanity, and they would witness the feasts, and there was entertainment, and they would witness the markets with their trade, and in them the idle talk, and they sought refuge in God from the evil of that, and a man came to Sufyan bin Ayina, and he said: I have a brother. And he was the governor of irrigation and the ruler of Yemen, and he is passing through here here.

Shall I send him down my house, and I will dispose of him in his needs? He said: Yes, and He recited the Almighty’s saying: “God forbids you for those who did not fight you in religion and did not expel you from your homes to be righteous and righteous to them.”

(5) This is in the infidels, so how about the believers.Continuing coexistence between all races is one of the most important matters recommended by Islam, and on the basis of that enables Muslims to achieve coexistence with themselves and their opponents in the religion.

__Amb. Dr. Mahmood Abbas Bashir, Egypt 

Sach ki Dastak

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