Name: Peter

Surname: Ďurdík

Born: 21.6 1978

City: Púchov

Country Slovakia


Peter and Pavol Ďurdíkovci

My name is Peter Ďurdík and I am a former boxer player – a four-time champion of Slovakia, president of the boxing club, and also a coach of the SUP BOX-SLOVAKIA PUCHOV club. With my brother Pavel, who is also my twin, we broke non-traditional records. I am also the coordinator of CHOLAND BOOK OF RECORDS, TWINS BOOK OF RECORDS which is a special name of World Records owned by brother Pavol.

Unconventional records

The idea to pursue records arose after the end of an active boxing career. First, Brother Pavol began – searching for information on everything that record holders do all over the world, searching on television, on the Internet, in books. He started looking at himself, training, preparing.

In a few months, he managed to beat the World Record Holder from Italy, who held an incredible 260 records in the Guinness Book, untraditionally – with socks that he pulled on his leg. Pavol wrote to the Founder of Slovak Records, Igor Svítek, and gave him all the information, photos, lines, criteria, and so they officially approved Pavel’s record. This motivated his brother to further records that he wanted to break.

Exceptional achievements

I really appreciate my brother Paul for what he achieved. It focuses mainly on speed records. It’s a great inspiration for me, that’s why I started breaking records. I focus mainly on records related to balance.

Pavol is registered in 50 World 

Organizations, he has 2700 records on his account. He is the Champion in the World Record Setter – USA for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. He was entered among the best holders of the World Records 2018 Kalamans India. In 2018, he received a major trophy from India for his heavy record of putting out matches on his tongue from Jetlee Book Of Records Tamilnadu India. (He extinguished them in one minute. 62) For example, he was able to extinguish three candles by striking him with the pressure of the air in which he was holding a barbell. The barbell in his outstretched hand was about 20 centimeters from the flame.

In Slovakia I was also with my brother in 2017 Top record holder. I own 541 records and 49 World Brands. In the USA, I got to the 5th place among the best record holders. My records include, for example, the record with a table tennis racket. I placed a ping pong ball on her handle. I then leaned the racket on the table and held it for 1 hour 10 minutes, 46 seconds.


My childhood with my brother was really great. They were still together… Many times we were naughty, they also struggled with each other. People were wrong because we were exactly the same when we were little, but as the years went by, we started to differentiate a bit. Of course, people who have been with us for a long time knew how to distinguish us. However, I am a little poorer than Paul, I have different eyes, I have a mark on my nose and I definitely laugh more. 🙂 It can also be said that we have some telepathic experience with my brother – we can feel it about each other when we think of ourselves and want to call.

My brother and I have been boxing since 1992 as teenagers for Dubnica nad Váhom. We really enjoyed it, it was our whole life. In the same year, I was able to win the Slovak championship in less than 5 months. This success of mine continued in the following years. I won four titles in a row. I also hosted for the Czech Republic in the first league and I was qualified for the world championships.

The family

Family means everything to me. I love my wife who supports me in everything. She also went to boxing trainings with me, she trained with me even though I started making records. I am connected to my brother Pavel, who fascinates me, we are like one hand, thanks to him I got where I was in the records.

The future

My plans are constantly revolving around records and sports. I include my family as well as my brother in the records. In the future, we would also like to build a large hall for exercise and thus contribute to the motivation of young people to play sports.

Peter’s Message to world –

If you dream in sleep and don’t wake up in the morning and contemplate them and are determined not to fulfill them honestly, your dreams are just a fictional film that doesn’t relieve the debt of being human. 

When you say that there is no time to do good work because life is too busy, you distance yourself from the vast existence that was created to connect and solve the unsolved mystery

By- News Editor Akanksha SAXENA

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