What a shame!
Why still enjoy this slap on widowhood?
When shall they breathe liberty?

How come you are amongst these
ones with a stony hearts? 
Speak out for them,
don’t allow them to rot in this pain
of forgetfulness.

Let’s arise and horn our love 
of humanity to better their lives,
adding value to their destinies.

They’re still useful to the society,
not a broken bride but future peace makers and blessings to our world.

They are not push aways,
though they appear broken
but houses hope and virtue for all.

Why these Sati in India, 
and these solitude,
as well as outright rejection?
Even here in Africa it has become
a disease amongst all customs.

Truth be told to widows also
refuse to remain at the side of
your husband’s grave,
rise to occasion and
trust in God,
and take up the challenge and
be different, add value to yourself.

Let’s wake up and
put a stop to this barbaric acts.

September 2018

David Chukwudi Njoku

David chukwudi njoku is a Nigerian faith preacher, a poet/writer. Hates all kinds of injustices against humanity.

Sach ki Dastak

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