Nights of our life ✍️Laila Ahmed Jaber



A real problem most of us fall into … and it wastes our nights and days, and we do not feel and turn around a specific need, in which we stop our lives on this need, and we do not try until we find an alternative …. knowing that it may not be written by us, and we are sure that it is not ours. … But the hope is always that we are trying a lot to take it and willingly not to reach it ….. Here we must stand and stand with the soul and convince ourselves that this is the wisdom of our Lord Almighty …… He tells us that the Written will be revealed, but we will lose it on ourselves.

The idea that you always turn on the loneliness for fear of loneliness …. This is a very big mistake, and that people do not tolerate this loneliness, also the biggest mistake … the idea of ​​people all the time is going on Wanis to lose the ghost of loneliness. This in itself is a mistake by committing all the time to the right Ourselves, a waste of time …. Knowing the meaning of true unity … It is the unity of your soul, not the unity of your being …. your soul which we always wronged and neglected because of a second soul, your soul which one day needs attention and we were not overly concerned with it.

Adequacy, there are still concessions, your feeling of dissatisfaction and comfort for yourself ….. always and never trust that you deserve the best and most beautiful thing in the world ….. because this feeling gives you strength and self-confidence ….. my consciousness to let the Hajj control you and not miss an opportunity for others He breaks you ….. and live every day as the last day and feel joy and happier before the days of life are too late.

Keep your mind on yourself, preserve it and plan for your success, and do not look back and care about your stability, and enough concern for others remains and people who don’t think about you and do not worry about your conditions …. you must be essential to people in their lives … and not filling a void with them, I do the account of your heart And your soul deserves your attention from you only ….. Whatever happens, say to yourself, let him start again … You are neither weak nor marginal in life, and keep your mind on what is coming.

In the end, the true loneliness when you encounter yourself every day is silent in your heart and does not want to aspire ….. Because I want to preserve a second spirit, I don’t deserve all this attention from you ….. but I wish we can confirm this truth before it is too late and we waste the most beautiful nights of our life. …..

Sach ki Dastak

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