Poem: Our hearts are Heavy ✍️Great writer david Chukwudi njoku

Our hearts are Heavy
our hearts are so heavy
with words unspoken,
they call us displaced…
and yet no provisions
for us to be fed well.
and placed…
is it our faults that
our parents dead?
neither our faults
as a result of divorce
and wars?
we are political tools,
slaves to these rogues,
taken into the forest
and call it a chameleon
name, IDP camp.
some of us barely survive,
some end up in homes
where they are made slaves
while a few end with some
 good folks.
whose fault is it…
government, parents
or the society?
I am speaking for my
fellow “displaced …” as they
call us.
we hunger all day long,
no good clothings,
not even a good meal
nor a proper healthcare,
my case is a little better
because I am with a good
foster parents.
is it our faults?
please, come rescue my 
and sisters
in this dilapidated structures.
we are in pain,
we are treated
like we are not humans
even though i am better 
with my foster parents
but I feel their pains.
our hearts are heavy…
march 10, 2019
david Chukwudi njoku
🎓🏆🎖️👉David Chukwudi Njoku is a Nigerian faith preacher, a poet, a writer, songwriter and a lover sports. I hate injustices.

Sach ki Dastak

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