Poem : Here In this Graveyard ✍️Great writer David Chukwudi Njoku

Here in this Graveyard,

lies my models,
some died without any value,
some never achieved greatness,
some never knew their direction
while others achieved a little
some had a great fulfilment.


Here in this Graveyard,
lies Mr Governor whose life’s
was a grave mistake to humanity.
Here lieth Mr President whose
tenure was a fluke,
having the national cake
all to himself and
the party’s cabal.


In this Graveyard
lieth many students
who were genius
yet freaking deadly to the society.
Right here,
lies Mr Nobody
whose name was nobody
and he’s somebody after his death.


Here in this Graveyard,
lies all colors,
tribes, nationalities…
I stand in awe
knowing that someday
I will be in this Graveyard
but before then… 


… let me add value,
such value that mean
much to posterity.
I stand tall now,
to change my reasoning
in giving my best
to balance humanity’s drive…


I put it to you,
don’t waste away,
don’t just slay
but stay
to be the best
and update
upgrade your life.

Here in this Graveyard…

Make your life count
while alive.


March 2019
David Chukwudi Njoku


👉🤝🎓🎖️🏆 David Chukwudi Njoku is a Nigerian faith preacher, a poet, a writer, songwriter and a lover sports. I hate injustices.

Sach ki Dastak

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