Humanity is a plants upon the face of the globe
This plants appears upon the hills and valleys
Some gives a shade, while others bears fruits
Some of this fruits are sweet, some are bitter
Some of this plants can cure others are disease
This plants are flowers with sheen colors that glows
Much as the rainbow that add beauty to the sky
This beauty is love and I call it a rock
A rock is much strong to resist he power of wind and flood
A rock has many uses, especially the artist that knows
The beautiful is already there, and you must be sure of
removing the extra stones, and can be use for another use
This artist is one that sees in a dream and make it real
This dream is the mind that clouds with many voices
Some of this voices echoes loud while others in a low tone
This is a battle between the body and the soul
The loud voice always seek the body for a pleasure
The lower voice speaks low for love, and it’s the conscience
It says no to evil, forbidding to go against a fellow that breath
Seven colors make a rainbow and it defines meaning in the sky
So many plants upon the face of the earth and they make
meaning on the land.
Colors are made for identification, Remember, each carries
the same potential
What makes a beauty is the combination in apply
God used only seven colors to make a rainbow and is wow
Humanity are the plants of many kinds, alas there’s war
We can make beauty of many kinds, it’s the purpose of humanity
on earth
The earth is the mother, our home, our peace and it’s where we dwells
We most love and beloved to know this great mystry of life
In the last time I checked, the word mother defines love beyond compare
We most learn to be patient and have love to one another as the land
We mostly do evil upon her face, yet she make grain to yield in bunch
and give us peaceful night to sleep and we couldn’t see.
GOD the FATHER that make things possible watches from above
We most listen, do and obey His words for a life after life, otherwise a condimenation.
Disobidient brought in dead and suffering since from the genesis
We most learn from the lesson otherwise we are not wise as we’re made.

©® Ambassador. Doctor. Emmanuel Azenda
Founder/Executive President;
Poetry Education Academy (Nigeria.)

Sach ki Dastak

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