Md Zubair (@zoo_bear) dog-whistled Islamists over alleged ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad: How AltNews co-founder previously mocked Hindu Gods and beliefs


Mohammed Zubair, the co-founder of propaganda AltNews, who had dog-whistled against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma over alleged blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, precipitating an international diplomatic crisis for India and triggering a spate of violent protests in India, had himself mocked Hindu Gods and beliefs, past tweets from the ‘fact-checker’ revealed.


It is alleged that Zubair played an important role in disturbing the harmony of India and insulted Hindu deities a lot. People demanded the arrest of Zubair.आरोप है कि जुबैर ने भारत के सद्भाव को बिगाड़ने में अहम भूमिका निभाई और हिंदू देवी-देवताओं का काफी अपमान किया। लोगों ने जुबैर की गिरफ्तारी की मांग की।

Days after India witnessed violent protests that saw Islamists running riot, indulging in violence over the alleged insult of Prophet Muhammad, Twitter user The Hawk Eye (@thehawkeye) shared a collage of past tweets by Mohammed Zubair mocking Hindu Gods and beliefs.

“Its easy to make fun of other’s god, religion, culture & scriptures, because there is no consequences. Ironically it’s coming from the same person who triggered an event that took the entire nation on ransom, and the violent mayhem is still on.. Ever tried this for own …?” The Hawk Eye tweeted along with screenshots of Zubair’s tweets.

In one of the tweets shared by The Hawk Eye, Zubair is seen mocking Shivling and comparing it with the top view of the Vatican City. He said the post comparing Shivling with the Vatican City inspired him to come up with a parody Facebook page ‘Unofficial: Subramanian Swamy’ in 2014.

Apparently, one of the posts on the Facebook page ‘Unofficial Mohammed Zubair‘ mocks Arun Govil to take a swipe at Lord Ram, suggesting that ISRO must consult the actor because he would know more about the rocketry.

Another post by ‘Unofficial Mohammed Zubair’ shows an underwater aeroplane with the caption: “Breaking: Underwater Pushpak Vimana used by Raavan 5000 years found in the Indian Ocean.”

Besides ridiculing Hindu Gods, Zubair has also poked fun at Hindu beliefs and took a dig at Sanskrit, regarded as one of the most important languages of Hinduism and the means of communication by the Hindu Gods.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Death threats to Nupur Sharma, Diplomatic nightmare for India in the Middle East, and violence across India: Fallout of Zubair’s dog-whistling on alleged ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad

Ironically, Zubair’s insulting tweets for Hindu Gods and beliefs come days after he had dog-whistled Islamists over alleged ‘blasphemy’ committed by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Islamic prophet. Sharma was at the receiving end of online harassment as indoctrinated Islamists on social media descended on her timeline, abusing her and issuing death threats to her and her family.

A few days later, the propaganda spread to Islamic countries, with many Gulf nations which themselves have a poor record in religious freedom themselves, sanctimoniously protesting against the remarks on Prophet Muhammad that were derived from Islamic Hadiths.

However, the controversy culminated with widespread violence across different parts of India as Islamists in several towns and cities across the country took to the streets, going on a rampage and indulging in violence, vandalism, and arson. Thousands of Islamists came out on the streets in protest against the alleged ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad, issuing vile death threats to the former BJP leader and causing law and order problems in their respective places.

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