Always at the beginning of every hadith or article I say with complete certainty, steadfast conviction and strong belief … that peace is the most basic human right in this life.? If he is deprived of his most basic rights, then what is the benefit of life .. Yes, peace that does not look at religion, belief, race, or skin color .. What we see now in terms of conflict in a number of Arab countries under the name of terrorism, intimidation, intimidation, and destabilization of countries aims to eliminate the nation All of them, with the help of Sharazim, have accepted to sell themselves, their religion and their homeland for money ..

From my point of view, the Arab countries are the pillars of building the greater homeland (the Arab nation). This large house is supposed to contain within it a mighty human force and minds with a great deal of awareness and realization of the instant concept.

The state and its preservation and the keenness to advance and interact in order to build and reconstruct it under the slogan .. Long live the Arab nation and let the Ummah enjoy peace among all spectrums of society .. Peace, gentlemen, which is the right of every human being, wherever and wherever … whatever the different languages, religions and beliefs … despite the diversity God … knowing that there is a reality of three thousand religions around the world, none of them obstructed the path of the other .. We all want to live in peace, security and real and realistic stability .. We all have a real influence on that land and that life .. Which is a live frame It is affected by human action and affects man continuously .. We all have to believe in the other’s right to freedom, meaning that every person has the right to live in peace wherever he is, whatever his belief and way of thinking without infringing on the freedom of others …? Finally, preserve your children and teach them how to love each other and how to love their homelands..teach them belonging to the family and the home, then belonging to the homeland in order to advance and preserve the homelands … Find peace with them within them, and you must establish it in their smart minds for the sake of integration, awareness and awareness ..

Children are wealth Nationalism, they are the fuel of the nations, and they are the next generation. We must plant hope, dream and ambition in the minds of young people so that we can offer nations generations to preserve.

Mohamed Shafiq Marei
The Egyptian Arabic Republic

Sach ki Dastak

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