Poem : A stranger I Am ✍️ Great writer Collins Emeghara


         Great writer 
       Collins Emeghara


A stranger I am

You save so much
treasure for yourself..
And I wonder if you’re
not a visitor like me?
For my bags
are packed..
Imust leave when the
train reach my station.
A stranger I am
A visitor Iam..
This earth,
not my home..
You worry so
much about wealth.
While a child
beside you..
Is dying
of starvation.
Next award taking
your sleep away..
Then lthought maybe
you’re already at home..
For live on the edge
I leave with less comfort..
A visitor I am,
Oh a stranger I am..
For thi world,
not my home..
You load up dollars
for your unborn child..
I look at you and
wipe away my tears.
For you’re lucky, as not
to be a visitor like me
A stranger
I am.
A stranger
| am.
This earth is not
my home o man..
Imust live
with less pride..
For I do not
know when..
The train will
The train will
reach my station..
I may be wrong
for maybe..
A visitor am,
A stranger am…
This world,
not my home.
I saw you with lots
of sliver and gold..
Boasting among
men of your new title..
Then I wonder if there’s
enough space for you..
To put them
in our train?

I am the only
vistor in this world..
Let me speak
for myself..
A stranger
I visitor
For this world
is never my home..
Go on, and speak for
yourself my beloved..

All copyrights reserved
Emeghara Collins
March 17th










-Collins Emeghara

Studied at University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Lives in Owerri, mo

Sach ki Dastak

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Paula Shene
5 years ago

So nice to see your poems going out into other fields to be read and enjoyed.

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