Poem : “Her virginity has gone”✍️Edwin Olu Bestman Jr 


“Her virginity has gone”

Back in the university, 
He gave a million words about marriage. 
Promised to walk her down the aisle, 
But he stood still inside of her heart. 
She denied him to pass heaven’s gate. 
He felt knocked on the face, 
But continued to stand firm about it. 
Day to days, she spent crying within herself. 
She believed that her back turned against the world. 
As scary as the night, 
She always cried showing out bitterness. 
His mind sang about sex everytime. 
On several occasions, 
He lied about not holding her close. 
Her mind became a place of abandonment. 
Life seemed ungrateful at every stage. 
He said “Allow me to roll between your legs”.
Because of love, she opened her world so soon without marriage. 
He became satisfied without saying ‘Thank you’. Ohhh! Life offered punches. 
After he had jumped the gun, 
He fed her with pains and frustration. 
What a wicked world!!! 
She sat crying about the incident. 
With all the loudest promises he made, 
He didn’t tie the knot with her. 
But he persuaded her feelings to devour her. 
Oh women! Be careful and choose between boys and gentlemen. 

© Edwin Olu Bestman Jr 

    A poet, philanthropist and a civil engineer

Sach ki Dastak

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