The era of the Corona has ended, starting from the beginning of its appearance in the Chinese city of Wuhan, but Beijing did not shake and remained Chinese, but this government did not shake and remained, not to mention the loss of human lives, at a time when the world stood in that region called it.

Corona virus Covid 19. The Chinese government, the Communist Party, the national and health games, are devoted to fulfilling their duties towards the homeland and preserving the nation and the individual, which is what made us reborn and exported, breasted, chest, chest, chest, breast, chest, chest, chest, and chest And it was issued, and the situation in the new year recorded the highest of Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, America, the American government, and made it, China, standing behind the epidemic that brought it together ,, today China assures the world that it is a strong country dominated by a constitution that begins to be respected by the people, China proves to the world that The pursuit of the ambition that raises the nations is higher than absurdity, amusement, adventures and wars that leave nothing but tampering behind them and the victim is a human being, and the perpetrator is also the mediator ,, The pursuit of troubles only needs to say, and hands work and are keen to build ,, the beginning is from the beginning and it does not reach One comes to the summit in one moment, but the growth stages of the neighborhood, this is the construction and this is how success is achieved ,,

today I ask the Arab peoples to look towards China and discuss its history from its inception until now ,, we will all find that China stands for centuries seeking after Advancement and progress, despite what and I encountered it in return, except that its people were fighting a war against time , its application and advancement, China, China, China, development, and, development, government, government, government, and making it control it ,, girl girl girl girl , girl girl girl girl girl girl America girl-minded economic countries,?

The right of humanity and civilians in general and we seek to implement it and it will not be a reason for its modern renaissance ,and we teach our children how their countries are and how to belong to them, we have to know how to respect freedoms Others in belief and worship ,, and I cite India in which three thousand and six hundred religions live in peace side by side , We have to cultivate in the little ones that the homeland is a right for everyone between white and black so we are all human , we have to see who they are or who are their leaders or Businessmen or women

_Mohamed Shafiq Marei
Member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists

Sach ki Dastak

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