Incredible Biography of His Royal Highness Sultan Ali Ampaso Umpa, Philippines

In behalf of the Sixteen principalities Royal Houses of the Sultanate Kingdom of Kapatagan Valley, Paramount Sultan  Empire States of the Philippines and the Royalty World Peace Advocate  
Our apology for the delayed of certificates after national election where i was the national vice president for traditional and tribal political movement then preparation of annual PeaceSummitNovember.27.2019 Until our present worldwide corona virus problem that locked down everything and stopped everybody to move so we just hope and pray for the fast recovery of everyone worldwide n maintained 
 peace aroud the world  as general advocacy of us royal family and accept everything is from the well.of  God
Again thanks for the supports and understanding.


God bless us more blessing and more power to everyone.Weloveyouguys.Last and foremost condolences to the family of all victims and raise peace witm them
my fathers name (deceased) HADJI ACQUIA GOPUNTAO GALACAL AMPASO(pbuh)
anyway i have three orga’n 1) sixteen principalities royal houses of the sultanate.kingdom of kapatagan vslley 1400 where i was enthroned as 3rd successor crown royal sultan year 2005
(2) paramount sultan empire states of the philippines where i was enthroned as paramount sultan (king) of the philippines. 
(3) royalty world peace advocate recently organized to save our members from defunct royal society group after the organiser tianero involved from fraud and scam  as founding chairman whose advocacy is general reconciliation and unity worldwide regardless of religion nationality color tribes and cultures asking everybody to work hand in hand like a real brothers and sizters in promoting peace around the world.
retired government employee after 23 yrs untainted services  jurist doctor 2 PhD bachelor of laws bs business adm bs tariff customs adm bs criminology &, police adm 
my wife died Aug 13 2017 with two daughters and one son. family business cable tv network to 4 towns and two cities  zamboanga del norte 1990  and marawi city cable tv then al travel & tour corp.1990. Again thanks for the support God bless iloveyou pls tex the comple name of sister who need certificate or better ask her fb have a great day. 
Forever brother king am informing you that we are conducting this KINGS DAY with our country president/secretary general in the united kingdom of morocco princess sherifa lalla kaltoume erafiaa am giving your name to cobfirm the event.Again thanks for the support God blesd weloveyouguys. 
To all brothers and sisters around the world after getting volominous opinion from this KINGS DAY please send signed confirmation or commitment  and detail inquiry from date and venue of the event tentatively early next year.
 private masjid in sultans farmvile labrador ,polanco, zamoanga del norte mindanao philippines.

Sach ki Dastak

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