Peace is the harmony of human beings with each other and building strong social relations away from hatred, conflict, violence and fear, because it has many bad psychological effects and leads to the disintegration of society and the development of the desire for revenge and harm, thus losing human rights and society lags behind progress and civilization and features of the future disappear, peace leads To spread my passion

The importance of peace,
It has a great role in the development and revival of societies. Countries that do not live in a state of peace live in permanent turmoil and insecurity, so they are more concerned with their security and safety than they are concerned with developing their internal societies and external relations, but if they live in a state of peace, the economic and social sectors will be active in them. And living conditions, and peace will push the wheel of development in order to achieve renaissance at all levels

International efforts to preserve peace At the end of the Second World War in 1945, the importance of peace emerged as an urgent necessity that must be worked on, to end the inhuman crimes suffered by the common peoples in the war, and not to repeat them, and to revive the lands that died from the war, and the reconstruction of the country, and thus Many attempts were made to achieve lasting peace between all nations. The most important forms included in those efforts were the following:

Diplomacy related to negotiations between states to achieve states of accord and cooperation between states. And the establishment of international organizations that work to resolve disputes between nations by peaceful means.

Among the most prominent international organizations that work to bring peace, the United Nations Security Council, which works to resolve disputes that arise between states and proposes ways to solve them. If any country threatens the peace, then the Council imposes economic sanctions against it, such as preventing trade with the aggressor country, and then escalating measures, and the Security Council calls on the member states of the United Nations to provide it with the necessary forces to implement their decisions.

The United Nations has had some success in the peacekeeping operation. However, it could not prevent local wars from erupting in a number of regions, including Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Among the efforts that emphasize the importance of peace and its preservation is the establishment of collective security organizations that resemble the system of the balance of power, the recognition that every member in a group of states agrees to assist any other member of the group, if this member is attacked, and thus the joint group force thwarts any attempt To attack the enemy,

Collective security organizations include NATO and the former Warsaw Pact. In addition to continuous efforts to improve international contacts and trade to increase understanding between countries, and to reduce the threat of war by reducing the cultural and economic barriers that separate the country.

A number of European countries are working together as a group known as the European Union, to increase the flow of goods, ideas and people from one country to another. In the Arab Gulf states, the Gulf Cooperation Council was formed; To cooperate in all defense, economic, cultural and development fields, as well as in the countries of the Maghreb, to improve the base for Arab engagement and increase mutual exchange in all fields.
The rest to come.

__Abdul Salam Hussein
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Al Bayan International Newspaper in Egypt

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