The journey of the end is approaching to reach the shore of certainty-

If the causes of death are combined with the abundance of time, does this necessarily mean reaching the hour of death, or does the readiness to leave with the determination to perform good deeds and sincerely resort to God while gathering the types of goodness so that the believer is confident and trusts that the term is near and the hope is long and the devil’s slander is an effective promise for that  If I reach the hour of departure, be assured that I carry nothing but good for others, and I have forgiven myself for my right, and I wish everyone who knew me to give me the abundance of his supplications and to pardon me, and forgive any act on my part that caused him pain or harm, whether intentionally or unintentionally, because I will be in  I am in dire need when I leave the world of this world to travel to the world of the unseen where my Lord has mercy and hope for forgiveness of my sins, and when my Lord asks me about a little and a lot and if I have fallen short, please grant me the mercy of supplication and ask God for forgiveness and wellness and to obtain the companionship of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the highest paradise.  from Paradise.
I wish you all the best wishes for continued health, wellness and happiness, Lord of the worlds, and from success to success, God willing.
 And now that we have reached the end of the scene, is there any need for him to supplicate for good and ask God for what he desires, for God’s mercy is greater than every question and expands to every answer.
✍️ Dr. Ahmed Kamal El-Din Hassan Maklad
(PhD in Philosophy of Education, majoring in Art Education) 

Sach ki Dastak

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