Department director photography at international art institute Egypt IAMAQ
Member of many international society for photography and fine art like GPU. FIAP, PSA, UAP and more
Shared at more than 240 Local & International Exhibitions, Festivals, in Competitions Egypt and 18 country
Take more than 70 prizes inside and outside Egypt.
Shared to judge many festivals and international exhibitions at Egypt. France, Tunis and Turkey.
The camera is a main companion for me on all my  trips and the most important witness for recording events, but there is a boundary between photography as a way to immortalize the moment and the elements and techniques of visual  art, where I transform photography from a simple image that records a snapshot to a formative work that connects different elements to embody an artwork drawn in the camera through a visual vision Especially.

Through drawing with light, manipulating the shadow and light, working on black and white harmony in exquisite artistic paintings that hijack the eyes, in addition to choosing the angle of taking the picture and using the aesthetics of shadow and light, taking up black and white in a new way and leaving large areas of black color, which adds mystery and magic to the artwork.

Precious thought – 
I contribute to spreading peace and peaceful coexistence through art and culture. 
– George Maher

Sach ki Dastak

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